Information Sessions

Fall 2023 Paramedicine Program Information Sessions

Paramedicine information session:

Spring 2023 Term Dates:

  • April 27, 2023: 1-2 pm; In-person in CAS 114
  • May 25, 2023: 1-2pm;  In-person in CAS 114

Information Session Sign-up Form

For more information please contact or David Schappe at 541-383-7751 or by email at

Please see your advisor if you have transfer credits or are only able to attend part-time.

Important Note: COCC's Paramedic courses are a competitive entry program. First year courses are open to all students. Students should complete as many of these courses as possible prior to applying to the Paramedic courses. Second year classes are open only to admitted Paramedic students. All students should contact the COCC Admissions Office for application details early in the first year. Pre-requisite courses may be transferred into a student's COCC Paramedicine degree. Core paramedic course, including EMT 290, EMT 291, EMT 292, EMT 293, EMT 294, EMT 295 and EMT 280 must be completed at Central Oregon Community College.