Local High School Students Choose COCC

Talk to a few current COCC students and they're quick to point out the benefits of staying in the region and attending COCC. "It has definitely been a great decision for me," said Jenna Mattox, graduate of Bend High. "It has been a great way to get all of the general education classes done and also have the opportunity to explore career areas - all while saving money!"

The reasons may vary, but the fact is that nearly one in every four high school seniors in Central Oregon in 2012-13 attended Central Oregon Community College last year. Whether it is to enroll in one of the Career and Technical Education programs, hoping to earn a certificate of associate of applied science degree, or earning credits in order to be able to transfer to a four-year college or university, COCC enrolled more than 500 of the local high school graduates this past year.

"I decided to attend COCC because I wanted to stay local while I figured out what to do and I also love Bend," explained Perla Jaimes, Culver High School graduate. "I like that everyone gets along and that you can be comfortable around the professors. The people are great and it feels like a community."

The highest percentages are at the schools which have the Advanced Diploma program. In those Districts Redmond, Crook County and Gilchrist nearly 40 percent of the 2012-13 seniors enrolled at COCC the next year. This program allows students who have completed their school's graduation requirements for a standard diploma to take college classes at a COCC campus the next year with tuition, fees and books paid by the high school.

Justin Warren, Bend High School graduate shared, "COCC has been a great experience. Its a welcoming and inviting place. There's a lot of opportunity here."

Student and Professor at COCC

Perla Jaimes, current COCC student and graduate of Culver High School