Faculty Achievement Award

Jenny Cruickshank A gifted coach can unlock the very best in every athlete. And that's equally true of skillful educators, always helping students maximize their potential. Jennifer "Jump-Up Jenny" Cruickshank is a bit of both rolled into one.

The assistant professor of Health and Human Performance—whose scope of work includes classroom instruction in Sports Psychology, Wellness Coaching and Exercise Science and also the very popular Total Fitness and Staff Wellness programs —is this year's Faculty Achievement Award recipient. It's an honor that recognizes the full-time faculty member who best embodies the highest standards of COCC, where student learning is the mission.

A former competitive rugby player at Colorado State University (where she earned her bachelor's degree in exercise physiology) and ultra-marathon runner, Cruickshank joined COCC in 2004. In the years since, she has brought her dedication to the mission of the college with a mixture of positivity and fun energy. She thrives on the adventure of discovering new ways to live our lives to the fullest while instilling in others that the possibilities are endless. Our rich experiences, whether good or bad, hold answers to moving forward.

Her classes don't shy from demanding every effort; her sprint sessions up College Way are the same. But it's all delivered with passion and guidance, with a focus on self-acceptance. One student wrote: "She caters to the needs of each student and that is something that I appreciate. She encouraged me to work harder, become stronger and take it easy when I need to." Another called her "the most down-to-earth teacher I have ever had." A colleague commented, "If she is the standard, we all fall short. Rather, she is the ideal to which the rest of us aspire."

Along the way, Cruickshank has pushed herself, too—completing her master's degree in sport psychology and becoming a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach while simultaneously keeping her focus on her role at the college. Her commitment to COCC is evident in the many contributions she makes, from peer teams to the First Year Experience program.

Jump-Up Jenny enjoys fly fishing and trail running with dog Tonito. She is a diehard Raiders fan and volunteers her time with Bend Oregon Raider Nation, animal rescue, the Bend Lady Roughriders rugby team and coaching local student athletes.

What I really want to get across is that I am an educator, motivator and coach.  My true skill lies in encouraging others to change their mindset about life.  I am known as the fitness guru however that skill is truly secondary to my positive coaching on love and self-acceptance.  "Jump Up Jenny" is a name I earned 15 years ago and it stuck! I made sure to put that in there as well.