50th Anniversary of the Bend Campus

News Archive Update - This event took place on May 14, 2015

Please join us as we celebrate COCC's "Past, Present and Future" at the 50th anniversary of the Bend Campus.

Enjoy tours (including our new residence hall), prizes, refreshments, kids activities and a celebration honoring the Coats Family for their generous donation of the land where COCC is now located.

Campus map (including parking)

50th Anniversary Mark

Celebration Activities

Campus Center at COCC

Campus Center

This is where you begin; sign in and get set to tour the other locations while listening to a jazz trio from the Fine Arts program; view posters highlighting some of COCC's alumni; taste some of the Culinary program's specialties; and be back around 5:45 p.m. for the naming ceremony.

Barber Campus Library

The past (Barber Library)

Take a tour through the last 50 years of COCC's history at the Barber Library. We are putting together a time capsule that will also capture your own personal trace in history and make you part of COCC's next 50 year celebration.

Massage Students in Health Careers Center

The present (Health Careers Center)

Visit the Health Career Center for a FREE chair massage from our Massage Therapy students, tour the dental labs for our Dental Assisting program, and visit our Vet Tech program and the service dogs that will be waiting to see you.

Science Project

The future (Science Center)

Will robots do your dishes? Can we live on Mars? Will your kid's Legos be printed at home? Step into the future at the Science Center. COCC students will present projects on robotics, space plants, 3-D printing and more: all while you enjoy dessert, explore a Tesla car and contemplate the future through art.

Paw Prints Logo

For the kids

The Paw Prints team will provide fun and engaging activities for young children (ages 2+) throughout the event, and at each location where activities will be taking place. Visit each one for games, coloring, constructing, drawing and more.

Automotive BMW

Cars (past, present and future)

As you tour the campus, you can see cars including a 1968 Porsche Speedster and a new Porsche 911; two orange and white Camaros, from 1968 and 2002; a racing Mustang II, the all-electric i-9 BMW and the futuristic Tesla.

Mazama Field Teepee

On Mazama Field

In addition to the classic cars, the event will include a helicopter and an unmanned aerial vehicle (drone), part of the Aviation program; a Native American Teepee; and an old fire jeep and a new fire truck, representing our Fire Science program.

Latino Dancer

Diversity and Inclusion (Campus Center Patio)

Learn more about how COCC celebrates and supports cultural activities. Enjoy the festivities of cultural dances, crafts and food while connecting with our students.

Residence Hall

Residence Hall

COCC's new Residence Hall is currently under construction and will open for fall 2015. Be one of the first to tour this striking facility that will soon be home to 300 students.


COCC 50th Anniversary Video

This video takes a look at COCC's "Past, Present and Future" and highlights many of the great moments in COCC's rich history.