2016 COCC Diversity Achievement Awards Presented

Diversity Achievement Awards 2016

COCC student Carlos Vasquez and Carrie McCormick, enrollment specialist for the Madras Campus, were recently recognized as the 2016 Diversity Achievement Award recipients.

Student Award: Carlos Vasquez

According to his nominator, Carlos has been an amazing role model to students in the Human Services Program. Carlos received a Diversity Education Award last year for his active participation in various cultural awareness workshops. After many of these experiences, he was filled with enthusiasm for all that he had learned and was literally bubbling over with his desire to share with others his new awareness of diverse backgrounds. As a leader in his classes, he engages in appropriate and helpful conversations about multicultural issues. In turn, other students gain a deeper understanding and greater empathy for individuals from a broad range of backgrounds which will be helpful to them as they seek employment in various human services fields.

Carlos is one of those rare students who takes the time to deeply process what he has learned and is eager and courageous in wanting to share it all with others. Carlos is the Secretary of the Addictions Studies and Human Services Club on campus and in that role, he brought information about a Spanish language Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to the members of the club. He also volunteers to help English Language Learners understand their math assignments and has tutored in Spanish for the World Languages and Cultures Department, even though both of these areas are outside of his field of study. Carlos also participates in the Latino Club and is a Safe Zone volunteer for the campus.

Employee Award: Carrie McCormick, EnrollmentSpecialist for the Madras Campus

Carrie is recognized for her exemplary efforts to help, support, and serve all of the students who come through the doors of the Madras campus. The Madras campus is the most diverse campus serving students from Warm Springs, the multicultural community of Madras, students from Deer Ridge, and students participating in ELL classes through Adult Basic Skills.

The reports are numerous of how responsive Carrie is to the unique and diverse needs of every student. She spends as much time as necessary with each and every one to help them in their journey. And in return for the caring way that she responds to students, she has been invited to attend funerals at Warm Springs, been asked to attend baby showers and potlucks, and generally has been welcomed into the lives of the students she serves. As one of her nominators said, "Carrie's everyday actions and hard work at bridging gaps help to support students in their dreams to gain a college education." Carrie also serves as Safe Zone volunteer for the campus.