Library Mission, Vision, Values, & Themes


Mission Statement

The Barber Library & Learning Commons (BLLC) supports student success and community enrichment by: (1) providing dynamic and high-quality resources, services and student-centered learning environments; (2) leading Information Literacy efforts; and (3) offering rich educational and cultural experiences that benefit COCC and the broader community in a collaborative culture of diversity, equity and inclusion.

IL Plan Mission Statement

As part of the mission of the BLLC, the information literacy instruction program plays a critical role in developing a college community that is information literate, as defined by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). The instructional program supports the campus community in the development of information-seeking abilities appropriate to their skill level by (1) leading formal and informal information literacy instruction at all campuses via in person and online formats; (2) collaborating with colleagues in all departments in order to integrate information literacy across the curriculum; (3) promoting the use of tools and resources to develop efficient, effective information practices for coursework and lifelong learning; and (4) incorporating innovative pedagogy that is inclusive to all learners.

Vision Statement

To achieve its mission on all COCC campuses, Barber Library & Learning Commons (BLLC) commits to:

  • Maintain a physical presence and virtual environment with a rich collection of information resources and technology tools that support student success.
  • Create lively, student-centered, and welcoming spaces conducive to individual or collaborative work.
  • Ensure equitable access by all students to quality, cost-effective resources, current technology tools and other library services that students need for their research, learning and overall success.
  • Provide expertise in Information Literacy for academic, professional and personal development.
  • Actively participate with the campus community both in its role as an information leader for the campus and in addressing the college’s mission and vision.
  • Partner with other college entities and initiatives that support student learning.
  • Partner with outside academic and educational institutions to promote and enhance access to the information world.
  • Foster creativity and innovation for the department and the entire college.
  • Provide excellent library and information services to the campus and broader community in a respectful and unbiased manner.

Barber Library & Learning Commons Values and Future Directions

To achieve this vision, we are guided by the following COCC Values and Future Directions.

Student-Focused in All We Do

Barber Library & Learning Commons (BLLC) supports student success and life-long learning with its online and print collections, technology and web presence. Its library services are student-focused and reflect student research and curriculum needs including academic, personal and professional interests. BLLC is committed to student information literacy.


BLLC is acknowledged for its positive reputation among students, faculty, staff and the Central Oregon community. Students, faculty, staff and community patrons recognize BLLC for its friendly, welcoming environment; current, authoritative print and electronic collections; access to millions of resources via its interlibrary loan services; accessible and user-friendly website; attention to service and commitment to instruction. Students, faculty and staff consider BLLC essential to their success.

Caliber of Faculty and Staff

BLLC faculty, staff and administration are professional and committed to excellence. They are leaders on campus and in their fields.


BLLC provides services, collections and instruction that foster awareness, acceptance and appreciation for diversity.

Welcoming Environment

BLLC provides an atmosphere that is open, accessible, personable, collegial, social and comfortable. This environment extends to the Library’s web presence and its services for the Redmond, Madras and Prineville campuses.

Internal Connections

Strong communication exists between BLLC and COCC students, faculty, staff and administration, including college committees and governing bodies. BLLC values collaboration within the COCC community and promotes campus partnerships that enhance learning. BLLC is a leader in the college community, creating and fostering connections among all COCC campuses.

External Connections

BLLC creates community connections, partnering with higher education via regional consortium membership and collaboration with K-12, county, tribal and prison library systems. BLLC is a leader in local, state and regional library organizations.

Comprehensive Services

BLLC provides comprehensive services to our various constituencies at all campuses: (1) For students - offering information literacy instruction, user-services, technology, online and print collections to support student success; (2) For faculty and staff - offering online/print collections, resources, and instruction to support teaching excellence and professional growth; and (3) For the external community - supporting lifelong learning. The Library’s website is a portal for these services. The Library continues to develop additional services and online & print collections based on feedback of the college community.


BLLC is an incubator for creativity and innovation among students, faculty and staff.