Wired Network Access for Laptops

Equipment on the Network

Equipment owned by COCC will be allowed onto the network with the following stipulations. The equipment will be vetted by the ITS department, asset tagged, and become part of the inventory so it may be tracked and identified. It will also have current software and antivirus installed and maintained by the ITS departments auto update services.

Any personal equipment owned by an end user requiring network connectivity cannot be plugged into the COCC network. If an end user has a laptop and a network cable or a wireless routing device, it is not allowed to be plugged into a network jack anywhere on campus except for a few select locations. This can disrupt network services and cause systems to become unusable. ITS has monitoring tools to find these types of unauthorized devices on the COCC network and these items will be disabled.

Employees, students and community members using a non-COCC computer without wireless support on the COCC campus can access web based resources (email, Canvas, online services) as well as the internet by using the wired personal computer stations available in the following locations:

By using the Campus Network users are agreeing with COCC's Acceptable Use Policy.

Employees, students and community members using a non-COCC computer, laptop, tablet, or phone utilizing wired or wireless network services are required to have current antivirus protection for their devices.

NOTE: Community members are also able to use the computers available in the Campus Library computer lab. For employees and students, additional computer labs are also available.

Accessing the Network

To use one of the public wired network ports you must:

  1. Contact the library circulation desk for assistance locating available internet network ports.
    (for additional information see: Computers in the Library)
  2. Connect your computer to one of the network ports using an ethernet cable.
  3. Turn on your computer.
  4. Open your internet browser to view the network login web page.
  5. Log in to the network by following the instructions included on the login web page.
  6. Done. You may now access the internet and available COCC resources as desired.


  1. Review the list of common problems on our troubleshooting web page.
  2. For assistance please visit a Campus computer lab.

More information about using your personal computer at COCC.