Printing Refunds

****Refunds are in the form of local reprinting only****

We regret that we cannot offer cash refunds.
Our intent in outlining this policy is to take responsibility for printing problems that our patrons could not have reasonably avoided.

We will reprint your document for you if the problem was caused by one of the following

  • A printer or toner malfunction.  (e.g. paper jams, streak, low toner)
  • A bug in an application or the printing system.

We cannot reprint or refund for problems caused by one of the following:

  • Accidentally sending more than one copy to the printer.
  • An extra page at the bottom of your document.
  • Any formatting problem not caused by a bug.

To Receive a Replacement Print Out

    1.   First, contact the lab attendant on duty for assistance.
      • In the Library, see the Library Information Technology Assistant at the reference desk.
      • In the Grandview wireless printing lab or Redmond Computer Lounge, please use the phone at the print station and call 7716 or the number on the HELP Sign for assistance.
      • All other labs have Lab Attendants on duty.
    2.   Be sure to save the page(s) for which you wish to receive a reprint.
    3.   Some information will be gathered by the Lab Attendant.
    4.   The Lab Attendant will then reprint for you.